All that glitters must surely be from Essex

All that glitters must surely be from Essex
Oil and glitter on canvas

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Irons in the fire

So, as I said in a previous post - you get lots happening in one week then all of a sudden you feel like you are just waiting....waiting....waiting...........

I have moved into my studio space, but have been waiting to get paid so that I can get a heater to warm it up.  It's about -45 in there at the moment so no way I can work in there till I can get myself a source of warmth...wonder if Tracey Emin suffers the same problems in her new £2million studio....hmmmm, probably not!  Anyway, I love it and hope to produce lots of new works in there.  What's more it's great to be part of a community again.

I am waiting back from 2 potential opportunities, and will be submitting for 3 more exhibitions over the next few weeks, so yet more....waiting......

I hope that I am successful on at least one of these, every small success helps at the moment!  It's late so that's it from me for now (parents evening tomorrow!), will post if I have any success.  And to the people who are following in my small victories and far more frequent crushing blows...thank you!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Year, new studio space

It's been a busy time over the last couple of weeks, and along with the change from 2011 to 2012 comes the move into a studio space.  It's the first time I have had a space for 10 years and I am incredibly excited.
I'm going to start moving in properly at the weekend and hope to be working in there as of next week.

Everything seems to be a whirl of applications and submissions at the moment, in an effort to get myself out there.  Trying to keep track of the deadlines is incredibly tricky at best.  At the moment I have submissions to 4 things, all at different stages of application....I say things because they're not all exhibitions.  One is in New York...which is cool but weird all at the same time.

Now I'm back to work, it becomes harder to stay on top of it all.  If I don't get any success with any of them then I don't mind because the going for it is the important thing.  Now I have my studio space I can get ready for my exhibition in May...just as well as I have run out of paintings for what I'm doing at the moment, let alone fill a gallery space on my own!

Such an exciting start to the New Year; new resolve, new studio space and a real sense that if I keep working hard at this then I might just get somewhere.  It's been a great few months and I can't wait to see where 2012 takes me.

Happy New Year!