All that glitters must surely be from Essex

All that glitters must surely be from Essex
Oil and glitter on canvas

Sunday, 10 June 2012

No.3 off of the ground

So made it to the studio this week and got going on my 3rd work of my "Essex" series.  Only drawn up onto the canvas so far but ready this week for the underpainting.  My studio space is not the biggest but since I've moved in there my work has been getting bigger and bigger.  Apparently the artist who had it before me had the opposite happen with her work and it got teeny tiny. At this rate my work will be back to the 10ft canvases I painted during my degree by the summer!

I would have gone to do some more work on it today, but was at the Download Festival yesterday - Metallica were completely fantastic!  I also enjoyed Steel Panther's performance, in a post big-hair and leggings metal, ironic sort of a way!  Quite surprised at how many woman got their boobs out in the audience when asked to by the lead singer.  So, we left at about 11 and then it took us an hour and a half of walking endlessly around the fields surrounding the venue, turned into makeshift carparks before finally finding the car.  Then a further hour to get out, finally getting home and to bed for 4.30am.  Getting to the studio was the furthest thing from my mind - a day in front of the tele watching Storage Wars semed like a much better idea.

With half term nearly finished it's back to work tomorrow, so studio time will be relgated to the weekends least for the next 6 weeks until the summer holidays.  Although with this one underway and a whole host of prizes to enter over the summer, think I'll have to find some time to get to my little studio space during the week too

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